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Pictured is a T-50H Tower

Telescoping Towers

Telescoping Aluminum Towers for permanent & temporary use.

ALUMA TOWER COMPANY, INC. has been manufacturing quality-built aluminum towers for over 35 years.   Aluma's telescoping masts are used for communications, military applications, surveillance, wireless data transfer, monitoring and testing.  The antenna tower is ideal for transmitting, receiving, or any application requiring rapid erection of an antenna or instrumentation.

Towers are manufactured from 6063-T832 and 6061-T6 aluminum alloys. The welding process, known as TIG (tungsten inert gas welding), is used throughout. The majority of the hardware is stainless steel.

Telescoping towers are complete with one of Aluma's unique tilting bases. The bases include the H-hinge base and the T-hinge base. Towers are installed on a customer's concrete pad for use as a permanent tower.  For temporary use, an optional base is available for quick, temporary insertion in the ground.

Towers that are comprised of two sections must have the lower section building bracketed or guyed; upper section should be guyed in high wind areas. Three and Four section towers must have the lower section bracketed or guyed and the upper sections guyed.

 See Accessories for details on temporary bases, guy wire kits, electric winches, ball bearing thrust units, and many other available options.

 Standard Items Included On Telescoping Aluminum Towers:

  • Hinge base for tilting application; a non-tilting base can be substituted at no charge.
  • Combo rotor plate with fixed mast adaptor and fixed mast upper plate are standard on all towers. Plastic top bushing is available at no charge upon request.   Optional thrust bearings are also available as an additional accessory.
  • Aluma Tower's worm gear winch is standard on all telescoping towers. Optional power
    winches are also available in both 12 VDC and 115VAC configurations.
  • Round Aluminum Mast
  • Guy wire ears welded to top of each section
  • Building Bracket with 6" stand-off.